History and Tradition - I Sapori di Parthenope - Ristorante e Pizzeria a Napoli Centro
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History and Tradition



The legend of Parthenope tells about of one of the beautiful mermaids that failed to charm Ulisse whit her singing. She was in despair, so she decides to be carried away from sea waves. She arrived on the Megaride’s rocks and here she was found by some fishers, that start to rever her as a goddes. Shortly after she died but her spririt continued to protect the residents, who renaimed their little village in “Parhenope” as the name of the mermaid.
This is the most famous legend on the origin of Naples, and is known and reported actually.

It’s not a coincidence that we choosed it to represent us: Our story, like Parthenope’s story, is ancient: the tradition is passed down from father to son. We grow up whitout forgot our roots, as the city of Naples did.
in 1999 Massimo and Pasquale Sanmarco recognises the father’s restaurant called “da Gennaro Sammarco” (founded in 1972) . They run it together, renaming it in “La Cantina dei Mille”.
19 years later Massimo, Pasquale and their cousin Francesco Sammarco opened “I Sapori di Parthenope”, continuing to share the love for the real traditional Neapolitan dishes.



We want to make you taste the real flavor of the neapolitan tradition.
We use DOP and first quality products, mixed in dishes baked with love and passion.
Our menù has a wide selection of dishes based on fish and meat, first and second dishes, sides and pizzas: we are ready to satisfy evereyone!
If you love seafood, our chef will prepare you some of his specialties: for example Schiaffoni, Scialatielli del Golfo, Cartoccio’s Linguini, Linguini & Lobster and Mushrooms. There are just some of our best dishes!



The menu of the day includes a lot of Neapolitan traditional food, from first dishes with pasta (with Ragù, beans and mussels, potatoes and cheese, Genovese) to second dishes with meat and fish, including neapolitan Baccalà and meat stock (that are absolutely fresh) and, finally, some typical sides (Parmigiana, friarielli, pepperoni, Scarole)